Crypto vs Stocks: Which would be the best investment?

For some time, online investment opportunities have been growing. Cryptocurrencies and stocks are often the targets of people who want to invest their money to hope for a better return. Although these are two risky areas, the gains they can generate are often exceptional. Therefore, between crypto and stocks, what would be the best investments? This is what we are going to develop in the following lines.  

What are the differences ? 

As a reminder, any type of investment is subject to risks and can arise in different ways. Stocks and crypto are proof of that. However, there are quite a few differences between them.  

What does investing in stocks involve? 

Shares are securities representing a stake in the capital of a company. Investing in shares with Metatrader 4 or Metatrader 5 consists of buying a small part of a company (securities) and benefiting each year from its possible profit. The price of these securities is determined by the confrontation of supply and demand and by the activity of the company. To ensure that you benefit from equities, it is first necessary to anticipate the performance of the company of your choice and its sector. 

What does investing in crypto involve? 

So far, virtual currencies have no legal tender because their value is dependent on supply and demand. Therefore, investing in crypto is a purely speculative investment. Because due to their extreme volatility, they can vary a lot and very quickly in both directions. This is what allows us to say that the field of cryptocurrencies is known to be subject to greater risks than stocks. But all the same, this rhymes with exceptional and rapid potential gains unlike traditional markets. 

In summary, to date, investing in equities has had the best long-term returns. However, cryptocurrency may be a better investment for those hoping to generate short-term profit. However, some predict that the universe of crypto-assets represents the future of the stock market as we know it today. Are they right? 

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